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14 yrs. old / August 12 (Leo)
159 cm / 53 kg
Saint Paulia Gakuen (Junior high school, 2 - A)
Math and Chemistry
cakes and ice cream
clever and active; acts before thinking

Asuka Daiki, classmate of Meimi, is more known as Asuka Jr. He lives with his father, Detective Asuka, and often cooks for him.

Because of his previous assistance to the police, he receives a medal authorizing him to go anywhere to investigate Saint Tail. He wants to capture Saint Tail and discover her true identity. But he has never able to get her.

He challenges Saint Tail not to steal without telling him first. So Meimi always leaves a note in the strangest places, like notes painted in his face and at his dinner box, on about where she will strike. He likes both Meimi and Saint Tail, but doesn't know the two are the same person after all.



Kaitou Saint Tail